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Here, you can get a feel for my awareness-raising workshop ‘Global Roots: Scottish/British Shores’ informing participants why it is important to be vocal about racism, either in a Scottish or wider British context. These engaging sessions include themes of racial injustice and moving society forward through anti-racist measures presented in a relatable way which even youth groups can readily digest. The workshops are shaped by my teaching & assessing experience spanning three decades in various countries and cultures worldwide with students ranging from young children to PhD candidates, online or in-person. Previous workshops have included training fellow lecturers/learning support staff on neurodiversity as well as school students on cultural diversity. Now it’s time to channel that into empowering people of colour who make up the global majority to strive for racial equality.

*Global Roots: Scottish/British Shores*

Here are some sample slides from each workshop section:

Session forum:        online over MS Teams/Zoom or in-person
Session materials:  interactive presentation, handouts and activities
Session length:       variable = 1 hour / 2 hours / 3 hours / 6 hours (full day training)
Session price:         means tested

If you would like to book a session or have any other queries, use the contact form and we can discuss the details.

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